How to change the Wi-Fi password from PC & from Mobile Phone?

Privacy is considered to be one of the main human rights. In the day to day life; home, doors, windows, curtain, and locks ensure the privacy of a person. In the internet world, the digital world, the privacy of data is ensured with the passwords; it is at your disposal whether or not you share your password with someone.

Your pc and your mobile phones are strictly protected by the passing word. The internet device at your home is also password protected. No person other than your family members can share its password without your approval.

Why you change the Wi-Fi password?

The internet device emits signals to provide your PC or mobile phone with internet data. Sometimes, the password of the Wi-Fi gets leaked out.

Not only your internet data gets consumed by unknown persons but also the data can be used for some cyber crime. As a result, you can be prosecuted for what you have never done.

Once you come to know that the internet at your home is being misused by unknown persons; the first and foremost step to be taken on your part is to change the Wi-Fi password.

How to change the Wi-Fi Password on Mobile Phone?

To change the Wi-Fi password from your mobile phone you need to follow these steps:

  • The first step you take is quite simple; just connect your mobile phone with the Wi-Fi.
  • Having done it, you will open the Wi-Fi configuration page. It is noteworthy here that you need a Wi-Fi confirmation IP address to open Wi-Fi configuration page. You need not worry about it; it is commonly found at the back of your Wi-Fi router.
  • The third step requires you to open your web browser and write the router IP address and press enter.
  • Now you can easily log in to your router configuration page.

Having opened the configuration page; you are asked to write the user name and password. It is noteworthy here that the default user name and password of a router generally areas; username “admin” and the password “1234”.

You can try them if you have never changed the username and the password ever since bought the brand new router. If you have forgotten the username or password of the Wi-Fi router, you just have to restart the router and press the reset button for around 10 seconds. It will go to the default setting.

  • On the configuration page, you will locate the wireless section.
  • In the wireless section, you can bring about your desired change and save the setting.

How to change the Wi-Fi password on PC?

  • You need to find out the login address on the router’s sticker.
  • You will open the management page of the router with the help of a computer browser.
  • You need to enter the login password here.
  • In the management page of the router, you simply locate the Wi-Fi setting. Bring about your desired setting; save the changes and exit.

It is worth mentioning here that your password needs to be solid.

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