How to view & change your Wi-Fi Network name?

The network name gives your connection an identity. The people change the Wi-Fi network to maintain their identity among the names of many other Wi-Fi networks. The name of the Wi-Fi network is selected.

You easily recognize it once you click Wi-Fi icon to get connected to the internet through Wi-Fi signals; the list of the Wi-Fi network connections opens and you click on your desired name to proceed.

The next step requires you to enter your password; which is a highly sensitive case. You must enter the password in the absence of others so that your password is not stolen.

What are the necessary steps to be taken to change the Wi-Fi network name?

It is at your disposal to change the name of your Wi-Fi network name; however, some limitations, however, lie there to keep your network perform its function in a disciplinary environment. Your Wi-Fi network will function well if you follow the instructions give below:

  • The name you select for the Wi-Fi network should not exceed the limit from 1-31 characters.
  • You also need to be very careful while entering the new name of Wi-Fi; there should not be even an accidental space among the characters from beginning to an end.

How to change your Wi-Fi network name?

You certainly want to know how to change the Wi-Fi network name; by changing the name you can make the identity of your network more visible. Follow the steps given below to know how the Wi-Fi network is changed.

  • You need to open the Google Wi-Fi app to execute the process of changing the name of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Having opened the app, you are required to tap the setting tap.
  • Having entered the setting, you will tap the Network and General.
  • You have the network and general; here, you find the network section.
  • Under the network section, you tap your network name; it is visible here.
  • You are now to change the name of the Wi-Fi network name.
  • It is an editing process; you are required to tap the network; you have another option alongside; for example, you can tap the pencil icon at the upper-right corner of the page. Changing the name of the Wi-Fi is underway; you need to enter the new network name of your choice.
  • The two major precautions have to be kept in mind; for example, the name should remain between the limits of 1-31 characters; beyond the limit, the characters are not accepted by the system.
  • The second precaution that you take is also very important and is the sensitive case; you should be very careful while entering the characters of the Wi-Fi between the limits of 1 to 31 characters even without any accidental gape between any two characters. The name is required to be written without the error above-mentioned.
  • Your precautionary measure works and the system ask you to take the final step; you are required to tap the Save tag. The process has completed and your new Wi-Fi network name has been set; you can view it on the networks list.

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