How to login to LinkSys Router?

Once you login to a LinkSys router; you can easily configure the advanced setting of your choice. The routers are sold with the default factory setting.

The default IP address is also among many of the routers; nevertheless; some routers of different companies have different IP addresses (gateways), user names, and passwords to sustain their separate identity.

To login to such routers, one has to search for the information on the internet if it is not available at the back of the router. The list of routers with special information is available online on a large scale.

How to login to LinkSys Router?

The procedure to log in to the Linksys Router is not a difficult task; nevertheless, the steps should be taken in the right order.


  • You are required to write the common IP address to the browser and press enter.
  • It will open the configuration page; if it does not happen you need to search for the relevant IP address on the internet. There are hundreds of web pages online containing the lists of IP addresses of different routers.
  • Having entered the right IP address; you find the configuration page in front of you. The page requires to enter the username and password of your router. You enter them if you remember.
  • On the other hand, if you have forgotten the username or the password you set long ago; you need not worry.
  • Find the reset button at the hind side of your router.
  • You need to press it to reset the router to its default factory setting.
  • You will press the reset button for around 10 seconds; you will continue to observe whether or not the led power blinks continuously; it determines that the resetting process is going on.
  • Having done the process, you need to unplug the power adapter.
  • After a few minutes, re-plug the power adapter. Your default factory setting has happened.
  • Once again write the IP address on the browser search bar. The configuration page will require the username and password; you will write them.
  • Having entered the page you set the required setting; save changes and exit.


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