How to login to TP-Link Router?

When the routers were newly introduced to the people found it difficult to login into the router for customizing setting. Seeking the help of a technician; they had to pay charges.

Now it is no longer difficult. Quite easily the people log in to the TP-Link router to bring about their desired setting. Only true information is required to do the process.

The simplest steps help the user login to the T-Link router without any hurdle. Once you learn how to login into TP-link router; you can start teaching others the following steps.

How to Login into TP-link router

  • The first step requires you to get connected with the TP-link router through Wi-Fi or by connecting the Ethernet cable the router for this purpose. Moreover, it is at your disposal to connect with a tablet, smartphone or laptop; for your information; you will better connect through laptop.
  • Having connected the device with the router; you are required to open the browser to writer one default IP address out of the two;, or
  • The setting page will open but you have to write the user name and password to log in.
  • You will enter the default user name “admin” same is the password.
  • If you have already changed the user name and password; you have to enter those names and passwords.
  • You may have forgotten your user name and password you set on the devices long ago.
  • You seem helpless in the face of this issue.
  • The newly bought routers are available in the market with the default factory setting; which is generally as under; the default user name of a newly bought router is “admin” with the passed word “1234”.
  • If you remember that you have set up a new user name and password long ago and you have forgotten it; you need not worry about.
  • You reset the router to its default factory setting; this is how your router will come back on the past user name and password above-mentioned.
  • Go through the resetting process by pressing the reset button for around 10 seconds.
  • Power off the adapter; restart it; the changes have occurred. Use the username and password to enter the TP-link page to bring about desired change; save the changes and log off.

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