Most Common Router Issues

You stay in touch with internet day in, day out to accomplish a necessary task or just for fun; on Facebook or other social media platforms. With the advent of Wi-Fi, you feel at ease to move about at home getting rid of wired internet connection.

Of course the router emits radio signals in the form Wi-Fi and you use internet data. Any slightest issue in the router can badly affect your connection; result, you are deprived of internet connection. The following are some of the issues with the router disconnecting you from the rest of the world.

Low Signals of Router

You sometimes see that the internet is not working properly; the router is emitting low signals. It is a common issue that can be solved easily; you have to see if the router is placed at the far end of home; if so, the signal certainly out of reach. Place the router in the middle of the house to receive proper signals.

Routers in Surroundings affect your router

You are living in an apartment building; you see that your router is not performing well. Your device is not provided with the fair signals; it is possible that the heavy routers working in your neighborhood affect your router; it generally happens in the apartment buildings where the people live in small apartments. You need to ensure and bring a new router with high frequency.

Your router is dying

You see your smartphone or laptop is not receiving fair signals. You can directly connect the laptop with the router to determine the real issue. If the direct connection is ok; it is only a Wi-Fi issue; on the other hand, if the internet is still slow either your router is dying or it has some technical faults. Seek the help of technician.

Reset Router

Sometimes, it so happens that your router is not working well. You stay disconnected for long hours. Without worrying about it; you need to reset the routers setting; pressing the reset button for around 10 to 30 seconds; you see the router has gone back to its default factory setting; keeping watching if the power button is blinking or not; the blinking ensures the resetting is underway properly. Having done the process; you unplug the power adapter and re-plug shortly after it. Most probably your router will start working well.

Microwave oven affects the router

Sometimes, your router does not perform well being placed near your kitchen. It happens when the microwave oven is working inside; keep your router away from there.

Router Resets Itself

Sometimes, all devices get disconnected from the router; you feel disturbed; it sometimes happens when the router resets itself. You need to approach the configuration page to reset the password.

Restoring Default Factory Setting on Router

It also happens with you when you forget the password reset long ago. You need the password for your new device; you have to reset the router on the default factory setting to approach the configuration page for the setting of the new password.

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