How to Recover your Router Password?

Most of the digital devices are password protected; it is the password that keeps your data secured from getting stolen. The most common device at your home is certainly the internet Wi-Fi router.

It is a password protected device that can only be accessed on your consent; you share your password with a person if you will. Sometimes, you set a password on your device that happens to be very solid; however, you forget it after some time; if you have not saved it somewhere.

As a result, you have to go through mental stress. Nevertheless, the router password can be reset with the following steps.

How to recover a router’s password?

You certainly have to feel trouble when you buy a new mobile phone and you want to connect it with the internet router to search for information of serious nature but you have forgotten the password you set months ago. You need not worry about it, just follow the instructions below:

  • The first step in this regard is to reset the router to its default factory setting.
  • You just have to press the reset button for around 10 seconds.
  • In the meantime, you need to make sure whether or not the power led light is blinking. If it blinks; it means the reset process is underway properly.
  • Moreover, the reset button locates at different places on the different routers; also, it is noteworthy that old routers take around 30 seconds in resetting process.
  • Having pressed the router’s button for around 10 seconds you unplug the router’s power adapter; re-plug the adapter after a few seconds.
  • Once you have reset the router to its default factory setting; you also reset the route password.
  • Generally, the router user’s name is found as “admin” and the password is found as 1234 in the default factory setting. It may vary in some routers.
  • You can easily connect to your internet router; however, the default factory setting’s user name and password are not secured; any person can try and connect to your internet router. You need to change it.

How to reset the password using the webpage?

  • If you are using a hard-wired connection or Wi-Fi connection; it is essential that an internet connection should be stable.
  • To access to router’s web interface; the internet router is required to be powered on.
  • Having forgotten the previous password, you need to reset the router’s default factory setting. This is how you can access the router quite easily.
  • You enter the IP address on the browser and enter.
  • You can easily log in to the required page with the default factory setting password.
  • On the page, you need to click the Administration tab.
  • Here, the management section is located where the router password of your choice is entered; re-enter the password underneath it and press the confirm button.
  • Finally, you save the setting.
  • It is noteworthy here that all the computers working in the network need to use the updated password on the computers.


The password recovery of a router is not a difficult task; just follow instructions.

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