How to set up Tenda Router after reset?

Tenda router has made its marks providing the clients with the best possible internet access without any interruption. Like many other routers, Tenda has reset for better performance. Moreover, the setup of Tenda router after reset requires some technicalities to perform well.

The technicalities cannot be mistaken in the setup process. The user is required to take every step quite carefully to utilize the best internet services provided by the Tenda router. Tenda routers are found in variety of models and shapes. Ever new Tenda router is introduced with additional qualities.

Setting up a Tenda Router

You have been read to set up the Tenda router after it has been reset. The steps given below are no very difficult to follow; you just need to pay attention to learn for once; thereafter, you will prove to be a help for the Tenda users among your friends and neighbors.


  • You have to ensure one thing that assumes great importance for the process of setting up a Tenda router; you will ensure the Tenda router is placed near the nearest access point. You are at ease to let your device catch the signals fairly. It is a commonplace where the technician places it for the first time keeping in view some technical points in mind that you cannot comprehend as a non-professional person.
  • The second thing is also significant as you determine whether the router’s resetting process done recently is effective; you can determine easily by scanning SSID.
  • The third step is quite common and is almost similar to the processes done for the setup of other routers. You need to connect your device with the router and open the web browser to enter the default IP address
  • The default IP address is processed and the Tenda login screen is opened; you enter the Admin for username and again you enter the Admin for a password.
  • It is the default user name and password for time being.
  • You have entered the setup; you have to take another step to make advanced changes; you now have to click on the Advanced Setting at the top-right corner of the page.
  • You have proceeded successfully; the other step is taken to proceed any further; you see an option with the title Wireless; you click it.
  • Another page opens; on the left side of the page, you find the second option with the title Wireless Security.
  • Having pressed the tag Wireless Security a page opens, asking you to enter relevant information about the device. You very carefully choose a password for Tenda_XXX.
  • You have done it successfully; now you log off. The process is still underway; you reconnect your device with the Tenda_XXX.
  • Now the process is complete; you have set up your Tenda router after resetting process.

Some of the important things, however, are noteworthy; Tenda wireless router can manage a limited range of wireless connections at a time; more than a certain connection slower the speed of internet. It is, therefore, necessary to share the Tenda Wi-Fi wireless password only with family members.

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